Endspiel by Lehe and St. ERHARD

  • 17. May 2018
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“The checkered battlefield is sparse. The last remaining pieces are preparing for the decisive battle. Every piece is a giant, every thought counts and every move is crucial.” This description immediately appealed to me as a passionate chess player.

“This barleywine is like a chess endgame – a few different malts and hops, but the way they are put together and what role they play is more important than ever. The fresh hops grown in Estonia are the pawn that turned into a queen in the endgame.”

At first: There is no hop aroma detectable. So I can’t be agree with this description.

This beer pours a amber color, light haze, and a very short white head. The aroma is flush with hints fresh-baked bread, grains and malts and there is a merest whiff of dried fruits in the background.

The flavour showcases a complex melange of malts and fruit flavors counterbalanced by warming alcohol. This is a beer with mouth-coating body and a long finish.


Barley Wine

9,5% ABV





  amber, light haze, slow raising bubbles, short white head

malt, dried fruits, bread

malt,  dried fruits, sweet, alcohol

Spaghetti Carbonara, Stilton Cheese



Lehe Pruulikoda (Lehe Brewery)

Keila, Estonia



Bamberg, Germany




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